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Founded in 2022, Linked2Literacy will continue to make a tremendous impact that began five years prior with a series of book drives to gift to local children in need. Thanks to numerous monetary contributors that have made book ownership possible, we've been inspired to ensure that access to quality materials is sustainable. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to the range of literacy projects we can fulfill and community partnerships we help form. 

Our Mission

Linked2Literacy provides ownership of literacy materials to the underserved through community partnerships and believes representation matters. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide educational materials through sustainable individual and business partnerships, and eventual nationwide outreach.

Our Diversity Commitment

We believe representation matters. Every child, regardless of their ability, ethnicity, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity deserves to see themselves represented in the pages or a cover a book.

Our Values

We promote mental health and wellness, close the reading gap, and believe important skills are developed through the ownership of quality books, educational games and puzzles. We work with existing nonprofits and organizations to accomplish this goal.

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Promoting Education & Wonder with Book Ownership

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October 2019

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February 2023

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We've partnered with top Authors and Publishers to provide materials of the highest quality. 100% of your donation goes directly to purchasing books for the needs of community organizations. Thank you for your generosity! 

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