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Kat & Kim have shared a passion for book ownership, but it stems from very unique personal experiences.

Get to Know Kat & Kim 

In the heart of their shared mission, Kathleen Ousey and Kimberly Fix, the Co-Founders of Linked2Literacy, embarked on a journey ignited by their fervent belief in the transformative power of books.


For Kathleen, the journey was deeply rooted in her childhood, surrounded by a home brimming with books. Her mother's dedication to curating diverse tales, often procured from yard and library sales, seeded the love for stories with varied characters and themes of service and gratitude. Despite her teenage struggle with reading, motherhood became the catalyst that reignited her passion. As her home library expanded with her own children, she witnessed the magic of shared reading moments, a time when love languages were spoken through the pages of books. Books became more than just stories; they became tools for homeschooling, emotional navigation, cultural understanding, and family bonding.


Kimberly, a literacy-loving advocate, saw books as more than mere stories; they were keys to attachment, solace, and understanding for her family. Her faith and journey through foster care and adoption with two sets of twins illuminated the profound impact of books in shaping familial bonds and guiding children through life's challenges.She believed deeply in the representation of every child within the pages of their own books, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. This belief became the driving force behind Linked2Literacy, a vision to ensure that every child could access books that mirrored their experiences and identities.3


In the years leading to 2020, Kat embarked on a journey fueled by a belief in the healing power of books. Starting with a book publisher, she spearheaded book drives for children in foster care and hospitals. Her unwavering belief in providing comfort through quality books drove her to rally funds from family and friends, extending support to the homeless, children in foster care, hospitals, and women's shelters. Simultaneously, her passion led her to sell books to families, a path that serendipitously connected her with Kim.



Their paths intertwined in 2020 when Kat and Kim, drawn by their shared passion, orchestrated a campaign to deliver backpacks filled with books to over 500 children in foster care, a culmination of their commitment to championing literacy and empathy through stories.


From that moment, their momentum grew. They continued fundraising and donating books to 18 more organizations across Nebraska, responding to specific needs in each community. As word spread about their impactful work, more groups sought their support. Creative fundraising endeavors, including benefit book fairs and greeting card sales, became integral to sustain their growing projects. Eventually, the time was ripe to formalize their efforts, leading to the formation of Linked2Literacy, a non-profit organization birthed from their unwavering dedication.



The journey wasn't solitary; it was a collaborative effort. With guidance from the Weibling E-clinic at UNL and the support of a dynamic board of directors, Linked2Literacy became an incorporated nonprofit in 2022.


Their first significant initiative as an organization culminated in hosting free holiday book fairs for children at Community Learning Centers, a testament to their commitment to providing access to literature.

As the story unfolded, Linked2Literacy's journey was just beginning. With passion, dedication, and a shared vision, Kat, Kim, and their team stood poised to continue weaving the transformative power of books into the fabric of communities, fostering empathy, empowerment, and a love for learning, one page at a time.

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