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When you choose to be Linked2Literacy, there are 4 different support levels to choose from. We are immensely grateful for every donation, regardless of its monetary value, as each contribution plays a pivotal role in furthering our mission and making a meaningful difference in the lives of children. Your support, no matter the amount, is deeply appreciated and crucial in enabling us to provide valuable resources and opportunities to those in need.

Live supporters

Check out our LIVE Donor Wall!


principle community influencer

Donations of $25,000+


  • Recognition in Pre-Event Publicity: Your business name and logo will be prominently displayed on and in event materials to ensure maximum exposure at upcoming events.

  • Receive all the benefits of the Major Community Influencer Tier


Major Community Influencers

Donations of $10,000+


  • Recognition in Pre-Event Publicity

  • Prominence at Events: Your business name will be prominently displayed to ensure your
    brand is recognized by attendees

  • Branding on Bookmarks: Your logo will be placed on bookmarks being distributed

  • Receive all the benefits of the Community Influencer Tier


Donations of $2,500+

  • Recognition in Pre-Event Publicity

  • Linked2Literacy: Contribute to our youth by promoting literacy and community development

  • Power of Choice: Choose which L2L project your funds support

  • Volunteerism: Participate in multiple events and interact with kids receiving your support

  • Swag Distribution: We are happy to distribute your business’ swag at events to further increase your brand’s visibility

  • Newsletter Acknowledgement: Your support will be acknowledged



Vandeberg Family Foundation (Pamela Sheets)


Donations of $1,000+


  • Be recognized & tagged on our social media platforms.

  • Representatives of your company may volunteer at our community events & give away your branded materials/ company swag.

$2,000 Paula Neiden-Hansen

$1000 Union Bank & Trust

$1000 JEO Foundation 

$1000 Bison Inc

$1000 Donna and Dale Roehrs

$1000 Anonymous

$1000 Kari Ridder

$1000 Carrie Stuart

$1000 Victoria Nance

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