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FAQ Section

Welcome to our FAQ section—a one-stop resource for insights into our mission, operations, and impact. From initiatives to donations, volunteering, and the impact of your support, find clear and concise answers here. We value transparency and accessibility, empowering you with the information to join us in making a positive difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What publishers do we work with to source our books?

We work with: 

  • Educational Development Corporation - PaperPie Learning

  • Language Lizard

  • Unite For Literacy 

  • First Book 

  • HarperCollins Publishing 

Do you work with bookstores to source your books?

Of course! We work with:

  • Elleinad Books

  • A Novel Idea Bookstore

How can I get involved?

There are a variety of ways to get involved! We have two main options: volunteering and making donations.

To learn more about volunteering, or want to get involved now, click here!

To learn more about donations, or want to donate now, click here!

Do you accept book donations?

We generally do NOT accept physical book donations - however if more than 20 copies of the same title can be supplied at a time and fits a current need we are grateful for contributions. 

What authors do we work with to source our books?

We work with: 

  • Henry Kayongo-Male, PHD

  • Jen Landis 

  • Malachi Coleman 

  • Landon Tengwall

  • Miranda Shaft

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